Friday, 3 April 2009

First Dig at Laleston MUGA

We are installing a Proludic MUGA for Laleston Community Council and Today was our first dig! Let's hope the weather lets us complete it in a good timescale.

It is one of the largest Proludic MUGA's in the UK!

It will look a bit like this when finished:

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

French Weir Completed!!

We completed French Weir for Proludic and Taunton Deane this week. It has been a challenging yet rewarding project and I truly believe we are producing amazing play areas with the current designs we are being given.

We love working with Proludic equipment and feel it really blends into the natural environment. They also have a Landscape led approach which is refreshing to see from a play manufacturer. It makes building the play areas so much more interesting.

One thing that is nice to see is the area has not all been fenced and is next to a river! The toddler area was fenced but the boundary of the 8-13 year old area has been marked by a rope bollard. It is much more aesthetically pleasing.